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FAQ: Pimpin Pays Question & Answers..

Q: When are payments sent out?
A: We send out payments weekly, 1 week after the end of the prvious period.

Q: What forms of payment do you offer?
A: Epassporte, Paypal and Wire

Q: What is Pimpin Rewards?
A: Pimpin Rewards is out rewards system, for every sale that you send, you will recieve $1.00 in reward points.. These points can be excanged for gift cards for merchants that we are currently offering, check the rewards page for more info.

Q: I don't want consoles! Do you offer no console tours?!?!
A: Yes! Just email support and ask to have consoles turned off! Include your account ID and we will be happy to turn them off for you! email support

Q: How much do I get paid per signup, what the differences?
A: We work on a tier system right now. It works like this:
Signup With Consoles - $25 PPS
Remember, you can keep your own exit traffic!

Q: Do you offer any free content to promote these sites?
A: Yes! Check the Free Content link under the tools link in the stats admin area!

Q: What is your SPAM policy?
A: PIMPIN PAYS DOES NOT allow spam! Don't expect to get paid if you plan on spamming people. PERIOD! If you found your way to this page because you have received unwanted email, please contact support. [email protected] Please include affiliates linking code, original headers, and any more info that you might have. Spammers will be terminated if proper proof is supplied to us.

Q: My account was placed on hold.. Why?
A: The only reason an account will be placed on hold is for violations of our TOS, or if the affiliate has been caught cheating. If caught the cheating, the account is investigated, and the affiliate will be given an opportunity to dispute our decision. Or your account was show to send significantly unprofitable traffic.

Q: What type of traffic do you allow?
A: ALL traffic is welcome at PIMPIN PAYS.

Q: My ratios are unsatisfactory.. Can you help me?
A: Please contact us. [email protected]

Q: Is there a minimum payout?
A: Minimum payout for all countries including outside USA And Canada is set to $50. You may however adjust your minimum payout to higher amounts than the set minimums.

Q: What forms of payment do you offer?
A: PIMPIN PAYS is currently sending payments via paypal, epassporte, or wire. You can choose your option in the account info section.

Q: What promotional tools are available?
A: We have a wide variety of promo tools available on our 'promotion material' page. If you cannot find anything suitable contact us and we will provide you will custom advertising material

Q: I lost my account information and my password, where can I get them?
A: Please contact support. [email protected]

Q: I have a different question other than what you have listed here, how can I contact you?
A: Please contact support. [email protected]

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